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Solution Manual for Advanced Digital Design with the Verilog HDL, 2/E 2nd Edition : 136019285 Michael D. Ciletti ISBN-10: 0136019285 • ISBN-13: 9780136019282
Solution Manual for Human Resources Law, 5/E 5th Edition John Remington Richard T. Heiser Cyrus Smythe Kenneth Sovereign ISBN-10: 0132568896 • ISBN-13: 9780132568890
Test bank for Principles of Marketing, 15/E 15th Edition: 0133255417 Philip Kotler, Northwestern University Gary Armstrong, University of North Carolina ISBN-10: 0133255417 • ISBN-13: 9780133255416
Solution Manual for Marketing: An Introduction, Fourth Canadian Edition, 4/E 4th Edition : 132573652 : Canada Gary Armstrong, University of North Carolina Philip Kotler, Northwestern University Valerie Trifts, Dalhousie University Lilly Anne Buchwitz, San Jose State University ISBN-10: 0132573652 • ISBN-13: 9780132573658
Test Bank for Management, 12E 12th Edition Stephen P. Robbins, San Diego State University Mary Coulter, Missouri State University ISBN-10: 0133254097 • ISBN-13: 9780133254099
Solution Manual for Essential C# 4.0, 3/E 3rd Edition : 321694694 Mark Michaelis ISBN-10: 0321694694 • ISBN-13: 9780321694690
Solution Manual for Environmental Science: Toward a Sustainable Future, 12/E 12th Edition : 321811291 Richard T. Wright, Gordon College Dorothy Boorse, Gordon College ISBN-10: 0321811291 • ISBN-13: 9780321811295
Test Bank for International Management: Managing Across Borders and Cultures, Text and Cases, 8/E 8th Edition Helen Deresky ISBN-10: 0133062120 • ISBN-13: 9780133062120
Test Bank for Macroeconomics, 4/E 4th Edition : 132951592 R. Glenn Hubbard, Columbia University Anthony Patrick O’Brien, Lehigh University ISBN-10: 0132951592 • ISBN-13: 9780132951593
Solution Manual for Career Focus Canada: A Personal Job Research Guide, 6/E 6th Edition : 132825937 : Canada Helene Martucci Lamarre, DeVry University Karen McClughan, Lambton College ISBN-10: 0132825937 • ISBN-13: 9780132825931
Solution Manual for Decision Support and Business Intelligence Systems, 9/E 9th Edition Efraim Turban Ramesh Sharda, Oklahoma State University Dursun Delen, Oklahoma State University ISBN-10: 013610729X • ISBN-13: 9780136107293
Solution Manual for Elementary Algebra, 3/E 3rd Edition : 321577299 Tom Carson Bill E. Jordan, Seminole State College of Florida ISBN-10: 0321577299 • ISBN-13: 9780321577290
Test Bank for The Economics of Money, Banking and Financial Markets, Fifth Canadian Edition, 5/E 5th Edition : 013315758X Frederic S. Mishkin, Columbia University Apostolos Serletis, University of Calgary ISBN-10: 013315758X • ISBN-13: 9780133157581
Test Bank for Assessment and Grading in Classrooms : 132217414 Susan M. Brookhart, Duquesne University Anthony J. Nitko, Professor Emeritus, Univeristy of Pittsburgh ISBN-10: 0132217414 • ISBN-13: 9780132217415
Solution Manual for Gente: Nivel intermedio : 205989489 Joan Munné, Duke University Liliana Paredes, Duke University Ernesto Martin Peris Nuria Sanchez Quintana Neus Sans Baulenas ISBN-10: 0205989489 • ISBN-13: 9780205989485
Test Bank for Conflict Survival Kit: Tools for Resolving Conflict at Work, 2/E 2nd Edition Daniel B. Griffith, Purdue School of Engineering and Technology at Indiana Indianapolis (IUPUI) Cliff B. Goodwin, Purdue School of Engineering and Technology at Indiana Indianapolis (IUPUI) ISBN-10: 0132741059 • ISBN-13: 9780132741057
Test Bank for Teaching and Learning K-8: A Guide to Methods and Resources, 9/E 9th Edition : 131589628 Richard D. Kellough, California State University, Sacramento John D. Jarolimek, Professor Emeritus, University of Washington, Seattle ISBN-10: 0131589628 • ISBN-13: 9780131589629
Test Bank for Neuropsychology: Clinical and Experimental Foundations : 205343619 Lorin Elias, University of Saskatchewan Deborah Saucier, University of Saskatchewan ISBN-10: 0205343619 • ISBN-13: 9780205343614
Test Bank for Assembly Language for the IBM PC Family, 3/E 3rd Edition : 1576760588 William Jones, California State University Dominquez Hills ISBN-10: 1576760588 • ISBN-13: 9781576760581
Test Bank for Personality Psychology: Foundations and Findings : 205248713 Marianne Miserandino, Arcadia University ISBN-10: 0205248713 • ISBN-13: 9780205248711