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Solution Manual for Discrete Mathematics for Computer Scientists : 132122715 Cliff L Stein Robert Drysdale Kenneth Bogart ISBN-10: 0132122715 • ISBN-13: 9780132122719
Test Bank for Teaching Students with Special Needs in Inclusive Settings, Fourth Canadian Edition, 4/E 4th Edition : 205781462 Tom E.C. Smith, University of Arkansas Edward A. Polloway, Lynchburg College James R. Patton, University of Texas Carol A. Dowdy, Emeritus, University of Alabama, Birmingham Laureen McIntyre ISBN-10: 0205781462 • ISBN-13: 9780205781461
Test Bank for International Economics, 9/E 9th Edition : 321783867 Steven Husted, University of Pittsburgh Michael Melvin, Arizona State University ISBN-10: 0321783867 • ISBN-13: 9780321783868
Solution Manual for Assembly Language for x86 Processors, 6/E 6th Edition : 013602212X Kip R. Irvine, Florida International University A new edition is available now! ISBN-10: 013602212X • ISBN-13: 9780136022121 With Programming Exercises for ALL Chapters!
Test Bank for Pitman Office Handbook, 8/E 8th Edition : 321805720 : Canada Joan I. Campbell ISBN-10: 0321805720 • ISBN-13: 9780321805720
Solution Manual for Macroeconomics: Policy and Practice : 132961679 Frederic S. Mishkin, Columbia University ISBN-10: 0132961679 • ISBN-13: 9780132961677
Solution Manual for Campbell Essential Biology with Physiology, 4/E 4th Edition : 321763327 Eric J. Simon, New England College Jean L. Dickey, Clemson University Jane B. Reece, Berkeley, California ISBN-10: 0321763327 • ISBN-13: 9780321763327
Solution Manual for Human Side of Organizations, 10/E 10th Edition Michael Drafke, College of DuPage ISBN-10: 0135139740 • ISBN-13: 9780135139745
Solution Manual for Fundamentals of Electromagnetics for Electrical and Computer Engineering : 136013333 Nannapaneni Narayana Rao ISBN-10: 0136013333 • ISBN-13: 9780136013334
Solution Manual for College Algebra Essentials, 4/E 4th Edition : 321900790 Robert F. Blitzer, Miami-Dade Community College ISBN-10: 0321900790 • ISBN-13: 9780321900791
Solution Manual for Elementary & Intermediate Algebra, 3/E 3rd Edition : 321760204 George Woodbury, College of the Sequoias ISBN-10: 0321760204 • ISBN-13: 9780321760203
Test Bank for Educational Psychology, Fifth Canadian Edition, 5/E 5th Edition : 132575272 : Canada Anita Woolfolk, The Ohio State University Philip H. Winne, Simon Fraser University Nancy E. Perry, University of British Columbia ISBN-10: 0132575272 • ISBN-13: 9780132575270
Solution Manual for Orthopaedic Biomechanics: Mechanics and Design in Musculoskeletal Systems : 130089095 Donald L. Bartel, Cornell University Dwight T. Davy, Case Western Reserve University Tony M. Keaveny, University of California-Berkley ISBN-10: 0130089095 • ISBN-13: 9780130089090
Test Bank for Microeconomics, 6/E 6th Edition: 132959720 Jeffrey M. Perloff, University of California-Berkeley ISBN-10: 0132959720 • ISBN-13: 9780132959728
Solution Manual for Linguistics for Non-Linguists: A Primer with Exercises, 5/E 5th Edition Frank Parker, Louisiana State University (Retired) Kathryn Riley, Illinois Institute of Technology ISBN-10: 0137152043 • ISBN-13: 9780137152049
Test Bank for Classroom Management: Creating Positive Outcomes for All Students : 130888389 Lisa A. Bloom, Western Carolina University ISBN-10: 0130888389 • ISBN-13: 9780130888389
Solution Manual for Journey of Adulthood, 7/E 7th Edition : 020501805X Barbara R. Bjorklund, Ph.D., Florida Atlantic University ISBN-10: 020501805X • ISBN-13: 9780205018055
Test Bank for Economics: Principles, Applications and Tools : 132925850 Arthur O'Sullivan, Oregon State University Steven Sheffrin Stephen Perez ISBN-10: 0132925850 • ISBN-13: 9780132925853
Test Bank for Perspectives on Personality, 7/E 7th Edition : 020521780X Charles S. Carver, University of Miami Michael F. Scheier, Carnegie Mellon University ISBN-10: 020521780X • ISBN-13: 9780205217809
Solution Manual for Exercises in Physical Geology, 12/E 12th edition : 013144770X W. Kenneth Hamblin James D Howard ISBN-10: 013144770X • ISBN-13: 9780131447707